Sales conditions

1. How to order

To accept the quote:

  1. Return the quote, stamped and countersigned for acceptance, via fax, mail, ordinary e-mail or legal e-mail (Certified mail), other. We do not accept verbal orders or orders via e-mail with text only (without the attachment). We can accept an order on your own headed paper, signed by a person authorised to do so, and containing references to the number of this quote, as long as it is attached to this quote, stamped and countersigned, as above.
  2. Payment of the supply according to the methods indicated at the bottom of the quote or order slip. Your accounting records will not be taken into consideration and so the order will be considered accepted only when payment is credited to our account.

2. Conditions of supply

  1. VAT: VAT must be added to the prices.
  2. Delivery of the goods may be carried out by Bottega del ferro, or by companies appointed by them; or by the customer, using their own means or those of a third-party company.
  3. If delivery of the goods is entrusted to a company chosen by the customer, Bottega del ferro will be automatically relieved of any responsibility connected to it, without the need to specify so. If delivery of the goods is entrusted to a company chosen by Bottega del ferro, it will be the customer's responsibility to promptly verify the condition of the packaging of the goods upon receipt. If the goods show obvious damage in the packaging, such as scratches, cuts or deformations, or it is clear that the goods have reached their destination in a position or in conditions that can be clearly identified as unusual, in each of these cases the customer must note the suspected damage on the transport document. Lastly, the customer must accept the goods, dismiss the carrier and carry out a more accurate check. Having verified the presence of damage, the customer is obliged to report it to Bottega del ferro by e-mail at, while attaching photos of the damage and a copy of the transport document issued by the carrier. We recommend accompanying the aforementioned e-mail with a phone call to allow for quick verification and consequently a quick reply, the number is +39 030 2731985. Reports made more than 5 (five) calendar days after the date of receipt will not be able to benefit from the current insurance on shipments, therefore the customer may be charged for the cost of redelivery and repair of the damaged goods.
  4. The customer is always obliged to accept the delivery, regardless of the condition of the goods delivered. If the customer refuses to accept the goods, they will be charged for the costs of storage and redelivery, or the costs of redelivery to the headquarters of Bottega del ferro.​​​​

3. Delivery times

Delivery times are shown at the bottom of the order list. Bottega del ferro, in order to organise production or at its sole discretion, reserves the right to delay the delivery of the goods, while undertaking to consult the customer in order to resolve any problems arising from the aforementioned delay. It should be understood that, under no circumstances, can Bottega del ferro be held liable for damages in favour of the customer or third parties for failed or delayed delivery.

4. Resolution of disputes

For any dispute the parties expressly agree that the place of jurisdiction is Brescia.
These conditions of sale are written in Italian. Should this text be translated into one or more languages, only the Italian text shall be binding in the event of a dispute.