Innovation for the basement

Lucenario aerante is the innovative system designed for installation on lightwells, to replace the traditional and inconvenient metal grid. We present the INOX series, entirely in stainless steel. It is installed during the construction or renovation of the external floor and can also be used in gardens. The structure, with its high structural load-bearing capacity, makes it easy to adapt to various situations. The front drainage pipes allow rainwater to be conveyed towards dedicated ground-floor drainage ducts. The shatterproof glass offers security against intrusion and resistance to foot traffic, while illuminating the rooms below. The air inlets, protected by insect nets, offer a permanent flow of air.

How it works

Lucenario aerante INOX collects rainwater from its drainage channel and allows for ventilation of the underground space via the air vents. The air inlets, which are always open, are protected by dirt and insect-proof nets. Just lift the grill to clean the drainage channel.


Lucernario aerante INOX is made of semi-matt steel for a modern look. The shatterproof glass plays the main role in terms of safety, brings natural light, and allows safe treading thanks to the R11 dotted non-slip texture.

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Main features



Certified RC2 safety class

Dirt, insect-proof

Dirt, insect-proof

Permanent cleaning for the air vent

Structural strength

Structural strength

Weight bearing up to 1322 lb

Years of warranty

Years of warranty

Warranty can be extended up to 14 years